Help America reach 80% voter turnout.

The TurboVote Challenge brings leading companies and organizations together in a nonpartisan, long-term commitment to increase voter participation. We help challenge participants develop programs rooted in universal civic values, strengthening employee engagement and relationships with communities and customers.

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Every challenge participant may host a sponsored TurboVote site in order to register voters quickly and keep them engaged easily.

Employee engagement

Bring a dimension of democracy to your corporate social responsibility.

Experts on your side

Democracy Works's team of experts on voter engagement will be available as consultants to help create and execute your civic engagement plan.

Brand recognition

Challenge participants will be viewed as leaders in civic engagement due to the historic nature of our goal. Elevate and amplify your brand with opportunities for recognition.


Challenge participants will have the opportunity to partner with leading companies, including Starbucks and Target.


Reuters: “Democracy Works, which aims to create "a more representative and inclusive democracy," said voter turnout had not been above 80 percent since 1888. An estimated 57.5 percent of eligible citizens voted in the 2012 presidential election, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center.“

The Wall Street Journal: "The challenge’s 80% [...] goal — a more-than 20-point increase over the 58.2% turnout rate in 2012 — is helping the nonpartisan group attract big partners even while business backed away from the parties’ nominating conventions this summer."

Nonprofit Quarterly: “Whether the spectacle of this year’s presidential election will result in record voter turnout come November is yet to be seen. But with get-out-the-vote efforts like the TurboVote Challenge, many voters—both young and old—have more resources on their side to help them navigate our country’s muddy democratic waters.”

Newsweek: “With Twitter averaging 313 million users, and Facebook 1.7 billion monthly active users, Flaxman anticipates the impact these partnerships can have on voter registration in this election, and the ones to follow. “I think if we just rely on politicians to get out the vote, we’re never going to see mass participation,” Mr. Flaxman said [...]. ‘The only way we’ll see that is if we think that’s a civic or civil responsibility that everyone is in charge of in our society.’”

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